About us!

I’m Lauren. I'm a mama, fiancé and phlebotomist. I enjoy the quiet life and will probably be found watching Emmerdale or reading a good book in my onesie on a Friday night rather than going out and doing anything remotely interesting. I'm pretty crafty- especially at my favourite time of the year... CHRISTMAS! Stay tuned for possibly the most extra elf on the shelf there ever was.

My fiancés name is Gary, he is the complete opposite of me and loves a night out and a good drink… although this is only on occasions these days as it takes him even longer to recover than it takes him to get ready- and that is a very long time. His biggest passion though is the great outdoors. He has completed lots of challenges in the past year including the lyke wake walk- 44 miles of hiking across the Yorkshire moors in 24 hours, and the national three peaks challenge- climbing the three biggest mountains in the UK in 24 hours. He loves a good adventure and plans to bring our little dude up with the same hobby.  

Rocco is the centre of both of our worlds. He is an absolutely crazy two and a half year old who keeps us on our toes. He is a strong willed, hyperactive, happy, playful, nocturnal little monkey and we coldn’t imagine our lives without him. Although he’s a total Mammy's boy at home he loves an adventure with his Daddy too. He doesn’t sleep and will probably breastfeed forever but other than that he is the most pleasant, well behaved chid ever! We can take him anywhere and strangers stop and say how gorgeous and well behaved he is. He’s just a dream, I always hear parents saying how they can't wait for bedtime and I can honestly say I’ve never felt like that, I miss him when he’s  asleep!

We're a pretty normal little family who enjoy lazy movie nights on the sofa with a takeaway and long Sunday walks in the countryside.

I've contemplated starting a blog for a while now but never really had a clue of how to get up and running as im literally the least techy person in the world- computers hate me! But thanks to a good friend, Stacy (www.momoftwo.co.uk) guiding me through literally step by step- here i am!

Thanks for reading, I’m new to all this but hope you come back to read about our adventures.
Lauren x

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  1. Lovely to see you in the blogging world! Can't wait for your elf on the shelf escapades!