Christmas 2018

I know, i was totally useless at keeping up with the elf on the shelf and Christmas blog posts.
December was just absolutely hectic! I love Christmas so much but ngl I'm a little bit chuffed its all over and done with.

Anyways, I thought I would just do one big blog post with all things Christmas and then its all over and done with and we can get back on track.

Elf on the shelf

Rather than a day by day account ill just add a few of my favourites.

Rocco is currently obsessed with spiderman so this was a must. He was buzzing when he woke up and spider elf was hanging over the bed. The next few days all i got was "Elf done spiderman."

This was one of my favourite ones of the whole month. It was also the hardest. Coco decided to practice his wrapping and wallpapered the full living room with wrapping paper. 48 metres of wrapping paper and 2 rolls of cello tape later we finally finished at 3:38am!

If you've read my Halloween blog post you'll know that Rocco was dressed as the Grinch for Halloween this year. Obviously Coco wanted to copy and have his own Grinch costume.

Find the sweets! Rocco loved this one (so Daddy told me as Mammy was at work for this one.) Very easy to do- just empty the ball pool into the bath, chuck a few left over birthday sweets in and Bobs your uncle.

 The North Pole breakfast was probably the one I was most excited to do. We had Grinch fruit skewers (grape, banana, strawberry and a mini marshmallow,) Fruit candy cane (banana and strawberries,) puff pastry Christmas tree, Rudolph and Santa pancakes, Christmas tree crumpets, marshmallow and rice crispy Christmas trees and candy cane slices. Rocco also had his very own elf milk (banana milkshake dyed green.) He loved this, it was great fun but I think we consumed enough sugar to last the rest of December.

On Christmas eve Coco decided to wrap up Daddy. I swear me and Gary haven't laughed this much in years. It was Absolutely hilarious!

And that's Coco out for the year.. Thank GOD!!! 

Our visit to Santa

Every year on December 20th we go to the same place to visit the same Santa and take the same photo on the same sleigh. 

Red fox garden centre is just around the corner from our house and what they do for Christmas blows us away every year.

Firstly you have to wait at the station for the train to arrive, once the elf lets you board the train you enter a little room with the train carriages and a big screen. Children sit on the train and travel to the north pole. The seats move and the screen makes it look as if your actually on the train. 

When you get off the train you enter a little white room named 'the attic.' All that is in this room is a fireplace and a wardrobe. 

Step through the wardrobe, push past the old furry coats and you find the magical land of Narnia. It truly is amazing and complete with Mr Tumnus, Aslam the Lion and the white witch. There is singing reindeer, snow everywhere and Christmas trees line the waiting area.

There is usually a little queue to see Santa but honestly its so beautiful in there you don't mind waiting at all. At the end of the queue is a sleigh for pictures and then you're taken though to see Santa by the elf.

Santa is the nicest guy and is the same one every year. You get a pretty decent present and some lovely photo opportunities and overall its a beautiful Christmas experience.

Christmas Day

Christmas in our house is always a little bit crazy. 

Rocco is the first grandchild and great-grandchild on both sides of our families so he pretty much gets spoilt rotten.  Our house was absolutely covered in toys and clothes but he is so worth it and seeing him opening his presents this year and interacting a bit more was so lovely. 

For the last 3 years I have had both families around for Christmas dinner. This year we had 13. It was hectic and a bit of a squeeze to fit everyone into my little house but we did it and it was so nice. If I have one skill in life its that I can cook a mean roast dinner! 

After dinner (more like tea though by the time it got served,) Gary thought it was a really good idea to get out beer pong. I don't drink so I was the sensible one and I wont bore you with the details but lets just say it got pretty messy and ended with people getting put to bed, some lost teeth and a whole lot of vomit! 

Overall a damn good Christmas and I think everyone would agree, it was one to remember. 

I hope you all have had a lovely time over the festive period and all the best for the new year!

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