Not gonna lie... I'm not a fan of Halloween. I basically spend my whole year looking forward to Christmas but everyone tells me I'm not allowed to talk about Christmas until Halloween is over with. Absolute bores.

 However, this doesn't stop me being totally extra when it comes to Rocco's costume. I'm one of those mams that likes homemade costumes... until I'm sat covered in green fur at 3am.

 Last year I dressed Rocco up as Chucky. I'd had it planned for AGES and he looked brill. We had 2 Halloween parties to go to and everyone said how great he looked. I was obviously buzzing!

 But little did I know that this has now set the bar for every year to come.

 This year I didn't realise Halloween had crept up so quickly until 27th! A full day of googling costume ideas later and I was still completely clueless what to do. I had met up with my mam and sister earlier that day and my sister had found a few that I quite liked so later on that night I asked her to send me them. She included a picture of the cutest Grinch costume I have ever seen and I just knew that it was the ONE- I am the biggest Christmas lover in the world so if I can fit a tiny bit of Christmas into Halloween then I damn well will!

 So the next day, after work, off I went on a hunt for green fur and i found it in the second shop I came to, Dainty Supplies (which also happened to do NHS discount- winner!)

 I am no seamstress, I’m pretty crafty but I cant sew to save my life so decided I would just glue gun the fabric to an old baby-gro and some gloves.

 2 days and a few very late nights later and we had a Grinch costume.

 We didn’t have anything exciting planned this year. Gary was starting college at 6pm so he took him trick or treating around a few houses in our street and then Rocco and I got in the car and went to trick or treat on grandparents/family. Everyone loved his costume! Not gonna lie I was actually impressed with how it turned out myself. Face painting a two year old that NEVER keeps still isn’t easy but it actually came out pretty good and we got some brilliant photos to show him when he’s older

 Now... what to dress him up as next year?!

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