Elf on the shelf- Week one.

I decided rather than to bore you all with daily elf updates i would do a weekly round up every Saturday of what our naughty little friend has been up to. 
So here goes week number one from the crazy elf lady. 

Saturday 1st December. 

Coco the elf arrived by space rocket this year. He was floating around in the sky with the moon and stars. Rocco is obsessed with the moon at the minute so this was a big hit. He brought with him a letter explaining again that he was Rocco's own magical elf sent by Santa from the north pole and that he would be here until Christmas eve making sure that Rocco is a good boy and stays on the nice list. He also brought an advent choochoo train and an elf jumper for Rocco to wear. 

Sunday 2nd December 

 Excuse the photo overload on this one but it was my favourite this week. Coco decided he was a little bit home sick so decided to bring the north pole to Hebburn. 

This one took some doing, 8 bags of glitter snow, a couple of glitter snow blankets, some hanging snowflakes, some wall stickers, a couple of snowmen and LOTS of lights. Oh and an igloo made of plastic cups! Rocco had so much fun playing in the snow! He spent ages drawing pictures in it and after he was done it wasn't too much of a bad clean up job. 

Monday 3rd December.

I loved this idea and it offered a bit of an easy one after the mayhem of the day before. Just a slice of toast and Coco was all warmed up and nice and toasty. 

Tuesday 4th December.

 I think this will probably turn into a yearly one. One of my favourites and very easy to execute. A pack of skittles, a plate and some warm water. "pour some water, watch me grow, see my magic elf rainbow." The colours all blend together and make a lovely little rainbow in the middle. 

Wednesday 5th December. 

This one was probably Rocco's favourite this week. Anyone who knows my child will know how absolutely car crazy he is, so this was a big hit. He spent ages driving his cars around the roads and also quite enjoyed peeling this off too. This one used about a roll and a half of masking tape but was quite a bit harder to do than i imagined. 

Thursday 6th December.

Frozen is one of Rocco's favourite films so I had to throw this popular Elsa set up in there somewhere. This one was done using cocoa, the stunt double elf ha ha! frozen for 24 hours.

Friday 7th December.

Its my birthday!! Coco got a little bit carried away trying to blow some balloons up. He found a 'special balloon' in daddy's drawer but got stuck! I learnt my lesson last year after having a minor breakdown after trying to stuff him into regular balloons- in future always go for the condom first. 

Saturday 8th December.

Oh no! Coco has only gone and given us all ELF POX!! 

This idea arose when Gary had blown some confetti balloons up for my birthday and Rocco decided to sit on one and pop it- confetti everywhere but idea born. We were all shattered after a very busy day so this was a perfect one for us sleepy heads. 

...And that's you all up to date! Yes, I am totally crazy. 

Check back for the next update. Spoiler- tomorrow's set up is possibly my favourite one of the whole month (if i can stay awake long enough to set it all up!)


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